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Tebow To Tampa !

Is Tim Tebow coming to the major Leauges a rediculous idea? Not according to the coaches that have prepared him. Just based on his athletic ability, he could play in A minor leauge ball. WHY NOT bring him into the Rays organization? If he were to make it to the Bigs, the Trop would go from having <10,000 fans to near sell-outs.  We are 20 games out of .500 and last in the MLB.  WHY NOT ???

Tim Tebow would put butts in stadium seats. Tampa is a short drive from Gainesville for the Tebow followers, Jacksonville isn't that far away either. How many Jacksonville fans would drive to St. Pete to buy up a Tim Tebow ticket? The biggest problem with bringing Tebow to Tampa Bay would be having every home game sold out!

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